Out-of-Stock Police

Manage out-of-stock products to increase sales and organize collections. View low stock and out-of-stock statistics for every collection in your store.

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Smart management for Out-Of-Stock products

Push them to the bottom. Monitor out-of-stock items. Hide them based on your inventory cycles.

Push sold-outs to the bottom

Never show your out-of-stock products at the top of their collections. The app organizes these products and moves them to the bottom.

Flexible configuration

Push out-of-stock products to the bottom automatically or hide them if they didn't get back in stock in a specified period of time.

Boost Shopify SEO

Keep your out-of-stock products indexed by search engines. Why? Because customers searching for these products increase store visibility.

Get more and better leads

Benefit from organic traffic to out-of-stock products, and edit your theme to show relevant products, offer coupons & cross-sell!

Tag out-of-stock products

Tag sold-out items automatically, so you can create rules for smart collections, build reports and plan restock dates better.

Statistics per collection

Quickly view if collections are well-stocked or getting empty. Set custom thresholds for reporting to know exactly when to restock.

Hide out-of-stock products

Let the app to hide out-of-stock products completely in a smart way. Set the delay in days after which a product will be hidden completely if it's not back in stock.

Shopify stock notifications

Get stock notifications to your email: products with low stock, out-of-stock products and products which just were sold out.

Pricing & plans

Reasonable fixed pricing structure, so you always know what to expect.

  • up to 49 products
  • up to 99 collections
  • All features included
  • up to 499 products
  • up to 99 collections
  • All features included
  • up to 4999 products
  • up to 99 collections
  • All features included
  • up to 9999 products
  • 100 - 299 collections
  • All features included
  • 10000+ products
  • 300+ collections
  • All features included
  • 25000+ products
  • 500+ collections
  • All features included

Pricing is based on the total number of products and/or collections in a store.