Out-Of-Stock Police

Push out-of-stock products to the bottom of your collections.

New Life for Out-Of-Stock Items

Out-Of-Stock Police will push all of your out-of-stock products down automatically.

Move sold-outs to the bottom

Never show your out-of-stock products at the top of their collections. The app organizes these products and moves them to the bottom.

Boost SEO with sold-out items

Keep your out-of-stock products indexed by search engines. Why? Because customers searching for these products increase store visibility.

Complete sorting control

Benefit from organic traffic to out-of-stock products, and edit your theme to show relevant products, offer coupons & cross-sell!




0 - 49 products



50 - 499 products



500 - 4999 products



5000+ products or 100+ collections

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