Simple Sample Data

Easily generate sample data for your development Shopify store. The data includes products with images, orders, customers, smart and custom collections.

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Meaningful sample products data for your dev store

Generate products with images. Generate collections. Generate customers & orders.

Three data themes included

Choose from three sample data themes: paintings, clothing & brand products, toys & novelties. Make development store's look'n'feel relevant.

Easily generate dummy data

One click of a button will get your store populated with products, collections, orders & customers. Delete sample data with one click.

Free for developers

The app is 100% free for development stores. Are you an agency? Simple Sample Data will save a great deal of time for you and your customers.

Choose specific items

You have an options to generate all or just some items. Generate products & collections only. Generate customers only. Add orders. Up to you.

Pricing & plans

Free for all development stores. One super-small charge for production and online stores on a paid plan.

  • Development stores
  • All features included
Not Free
$0.99/one off
  • Stores on a paid plan
  • All features included