15 Easy Tips to Make Your Shopify Store a Better One

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Published June 24, 2024.

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With over 600,000 Shopify Stores now playing in the global eCommerce market, there’s a lot going on and a great deal of information available to those who are interested in taking their store to the next level.

There’s competition in every niche and that’s ok. Very few store owners have the luxury of being the ‘only’ one in their niche. So, it’s important to find ways to make sure your Shopify Store is as good as it can be. You’re paying the money every month to keep it alive and running, so why not make it remarkable. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

Below you’ll find 15 Easy Shopify Store Tips that will give you a great head start. Use it as a checklist and tick them off as you go along.

1. Current Wording

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Make sure your product pages don’t contain wording that has a used-by date. Some Shopify store owners add an excellent copy to their pages which is totally relevant at the time they publish it. But sometimes they forget to update the content when it goes out of date. Have you ever noticed that on a website or blog? Luckily, a quick review can sort this out easily.

2. Original Content

Ensure all the copy on your Shopify Store is original. Google definitely gives preference to stores and sites that use original content.

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Ensure all the copy on your Shopify Store is original. Google definitely gives preference to stores and sites that use original content.

3. Shopify Store' Homepage

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Make sure the homepage of your website is periodically updated with new, fresh images and that those images contain keywords which will help people find you on Search Engines. Featured products and information about current promotions are a must.


So many people are visual learners and take in information through powerful imagery. Think carefully about the message you want to send your customers and ensure the images match the message. Avoid using images that are obviously stock images and instead try to use images that are your own. Be careful though, they should be high-quality, so your customers see you as a professional in the space you’re in.


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Ensure you are using the appropriate keywords for your products and industry. The fact is, no matter how much money you spend on paid ads and PPC (pay per click) to drive people to your website, you must make sure you’re also getting benefit from organic traffic, which is where people type in a search term and come to your page/s because those words are on your site. What are the keywords specific to your product/s? Make a list and ensure you’ve got them throughout your pages.


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Add new products and/or pages to your Shopify Store regularly. This helps Google to know that your store is current and therefore helps to rank your store higher, above stores that haven’t updated their products or content for a while.


Try some of the many available learning tools on Shopify Help. Learn something new every week or even day. Shopify has plenty of tricks hidden underneath. Check out Shopify blog or Shopify Community or sign up to the ‘Shopify Digest’ emails. They are an excellent source of information and they’re written by people who really get what you’re trying to do.


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Have you ever been to a Shopify Meetup? Go to one in your local area or join a group of like-minded business professionals who are running eCommerce business stores too. This is SUCH a great way to gain insights and valuable knowledge that you might not otherwise have. We always learn something new when we connect with others in this way.


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Check out some of the Shopify apps available that will improve your offering. There are literally hundreds of apps out there, designed especially to make Shopify stores better. Most of them extend the functionality of Shopify or add useful features. There are plenty of apps there that help to generate more revenue as well.


Every time you add a new blog post to your site, you’re giving Google (and other search engines) a reason to find you. Each time you write an article, make sure you’re including the relevant keywords for your business and keep the articles between 500-800 words if possible. Short and sweet seems to be what people want these days.<


See if you can get other sites and bloggers to place links to your store in their articles and blog posts. Google places a high value on links that are generated from other sites/locations. Maybe you’ve done this kind of thing in your own articles already? It’s a great way to drive more traffic to your site.


There are so many different Sales Channels you can use on your Shopify Store. It’s a good idea to really get to know a few of them before having too many clogging up your brain. If your brand is targeting women over 35 you definitely want to have Facebook set up. If you’re targeting 18-25-year old’s, then Instagram is a perfect Sales Channel to focus on. Do a bit of research and you will find out what is best for you. Who is your ideal customer? Which social sites do they spend most of their time at?


Allocate a small chunk of time every day (or week) that is dedicated to improving your Shopify Store. All you need is a couple of hours a week and you will be able to make improvements that you are delighted with. If you don’t make the time, you won’t get it done. Make it a priority and don’t let anything get in the way of your time. We’re often so busy working ‘in’ our businesses, that we rarely get time to work ‘on’ them. It comes down to you, so make it happen.

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Try to make improvements (even small ones) regularly so that you’re always refining what you do.


The message of this post is to help you realize that there are always things you can do to make business better. Sometimes it all feels a bit hard or overwhelming, so it can help to do small things regularly which adds up to big things after a while. All of us have to deal with this. You can do it! 🙂

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