Cost of Setting Up a Shopify Development Store

Rebekah Brace
By Rebekah Brace
Joel Taylor
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Published July 3, 2024.

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The Shopify store development cost is one of the primary points a developer needs to think about when creating a new Shopify site. Fortunately, Shopify partners have access to special tools that allow them to create development stores with very little upfront investment.

Shopify partners can create unlimited development stores, which are essentially free Shopify accounts that come with a few limitations. For instance, you can process orders and test orders, create unique products, and assign custom domains to these stores. However, you will not be able to test real transactions or remove the Password Protection page.

Is the Shopify Development Store Free?

Shopify development stores are completely free to access for Shopify Partners. All you need to do is join the Shopify Partner program to begin. The Partner program gives you access to millions of merchants across 175 countries, as well as 20% revenue rewards for every client who becomes a paying Shopify customer.

The Partner program offers users the option to create unlimited development stores with most of the features you'd find on the Advanced Shopify plan. However, once you transfer the store to a client, they will need to pay to keep that store running.

How Much Does Shopify Store Development Cost?

There is no price for creating as many development stores as you like as a Shopify Partner. You'll have unlimited access to the full development store environment, where you can showcase your work to clients, test new apps, and leverage Shopify's reliable hosting.

The only way you would need to pay fees for a Shopify development store is if you wanted to convert that store into a full Shopify website on behalf of a client. You may also decide to pay for the support of other developers and partners to assist you in creating your development projects.

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