Leverage Multiple Tags in Shopify for Faster Collection Filtering

Filtering collections in Shopify by using multiple tags is a quick, easy, and useful skill to get the most out of your Shopify experience. Read on to learn how.

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Updated July 27, 2023.

By setting up tag filtering on your website, you allow the customer to search for products with the variables they choose. Customers can sort your products by availability, price (in ascending or descending order), type, color, or any other option to find the items they're looking for, thereby providing a positive user experience.

If customers struggle to find a product in your store, you risk them leaving and buying the product from a competitor.

How to Filter Collections by Multiple Tags in Shopify

Filtering collections by multiple tags in Shopify is incredibly easy to get the hang of.

  1. Sign in to your Shopify admin.
  2. Navigate to Inventory > Products > Draft Orders > Transfers > Orders or Blog Posts.
  3. Click on More Filters or Tagged with.
  4. Simply put in the name of the tag you want to use as a filter, and the results will be displayed.

You can filter your list with one tag at a time, or you can enter a line of code (tag1 AND tag2) into a list's search field to filter by multiple tags. You can also easily delete the tags in Shopify you no longer want to use.

There are many other ways to use tags to stay organized:

  • Filter with tags when creating a link to your collection with the online store navigation.
  • Tag all or some of your products to help your customers find them in an online store search.
  • Create an automated collection using various tags.

Bottom Line

Knowing how to leverage multiple tags in Shopify is a useful skill that's quick and easy to learn. Using it as a foundation, you can further your customers' experience by investing in custom filters and hreflang tags. It will help both you and your customers get the most out of the Shopify experience.

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