Starting a Shopify store is nerve-wracking for any new entrepreneur. However, you can make the process a bit simpler by choosing to run a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is an approach to eCommerce where you showcase the best-selling products on Shopify from your suppliers. When a customer places an order, your suppliers will then ship the products directly to them.

Where to find products to sell on Shopify in 2020

But how do I find products to sell on Shopify? Well, you have to do your research based on what’s currently trending.

How to Research Products to Sell on Shopify

It can be challenging figuring out where to find products to sell on Shopify, which is why we’ve prepared this short article.

1. Identify an Opportunity

Firstly, you need to find out which products are in demand. The most successful Shopify stores offer products that solve a problem for their customer.

Consider your personal pain points, or those of the people around you, and source products that will eliminate these pain points.

That said, it also helps if you have subject knowledge of a particular niche and a passion for the product.

2. Follow Influencer Insights

If you have expertise in a specific industry or already sell products in this industry, you’re going to want to hear this.

There are several online tools available where you can identify and follow influencers in a particular industry. These include FollowerWonk and LittleBird.

You can then figure out which products are popular based on the items that they feature in their social media posts and get the most engagement from their followers.

3. Check Out Product and Trend Discovery Websites

Another handy source in terms of how to find a good product to sell on Shopify? Product review and discovery websites.

These online sources tend to curate new product trends daily, offering selling inspiration for a wide range of industries.

A few examples include Firebox, HiConsumption, AHAlife, Cool Material, Uncrate, and Bless This Stuff. Check out Statista ( as well. This is a great resource for future business ideas.

4. Analyze SEO Trends

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) analytics can show you the most popular search terms around the globe.

The following tools can also deliver insights for specific geographic locations.

Google Trends allows you to assess what’s trending locally, regionally, or globally. If you already sell in a specific industry, you can research keywords to find peaks in search volume.

Google search helps you find best-selling products by reviewing the predicted text as you begin to type a search query. You can also see paid ads for specific keyphrases and Google Shopping results.

Google Keyword Planner is the place to discover average search volume, related keywords, and Google Ads competition for your chosen key phrases.

This is a handy way to find out which terms people are searching to land on your website. And these results might give you some ideas of the kinds of products you should sell.

5. Look Around Wholesale and Consumer Marketplaces

Lastly, you can explore thousands of potential product ideas through both manufacturer and consumer marketplaces.

If you’re wondering where to get products to sell on Shopify, look no further than wholesale marketplaces. That said, the following options can also give you some good product inspiration.

Alibaba is a huge eCommerce company that connects global consumers with wholesalers and manufacturers from Asia — and they feature hundreds of thousands of products.
How do you get products to sell on Shopify? Oberlo is the number one option. Owned by Shopify, this marketplace allows you to purchase products directly from suppliers who provide order fulfillment services. If you’re struggling with ideas, Shopify offers the chance for you to review Oberlo’s trending products. You can find Oberlo on the Shopify app store.

In terms of how to find best-selling products on Shopify stores, other B2B marketplaces you can look at are TradeKey, Global Sources, and Wholesale Central.

You can also browse the following online consumer marketplaces for best-selling products and collections from your competitors:

  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • Kickstarter
  • Jet

To see which items are flying off the shelves (and which aren’t) on an online retail eCommerce website, simply sort your search by the “Most Popular” or “Best Selling” option. You can call them potentially top-selling products on Shopify.

10 Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2021

There are plenty of products to sell online. There has never been a better time to reach potential customers and prove that online shopping experience can be as great as in retail.

In terms of what sells on Shopify, the below products are currently trending.


Shapewear: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Worn underneath clothing and designed to create a smooth and even shape, this undergarment is becoming a staple in every modern woman’s wardrobe.

According to a Statista report, the shapewear industry is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2025.


Smartwatches: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Did you know that approximately 1.2 billion watches are sold worldwide annually?

In 2021, the smartwatch is continuing to trend upwards. However, not just any smartwatch will cut it — the minimalist version that is just as fashionable as it is functional takes precedence.


Athleisure: a Good Product to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Even though the fashion industry is often very trend-led based on catwalk-inspired and influencer looks, there’s one product category that shows no signs of going out of style.

Athleisure is essentially activewear that you can wear for everyday occasions — and not just the gym. It consists of sweatshirts, leggings, sports brads, tank tops, sneakers, and more!

Mesh Shoes

Mesh Shoes: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Speaking of athleisure, mesh shoes have been a best-selling product worldwide in the last two years. And it’s currently rising on Google Trends.

Why? Well, mesh sneakers aren’t just being used for workouts anymore. They’re also being worn for vacations and day trips when travelers require a comfortable walking shoe.


Backpacks: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Handbags are another popular product category for Shopify sellers. According to Google Trends, it’s particularly backpacks that are more practical than pretty, which are seeing a resurgence.

Similarly, Statista predicts that backpack sales will soar from $19.1 billion in 2021 to $22.5 billion in 2023.


E-Cigarettes: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Known as a personal vaporizer, an e-cigarette is a battery-powered device that simulates tobacco smoking.

In an age where the wellness industry only continues to gain popularity and governments are trying to encourage smokers to quit, e-cigarettes aren’t going anywhere. And this is especially true now that more people are committed to making healthier choices. The niche might look a bit busy, but the right brands can make or break a business in this case.

Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder: a Good Product to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Speaking of the wellness industry, matcha powder is being increasingly used by health enthusiasts for weight loss purposes.

What’s matcha, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a finely milled powder green tea. And it’s recently seen a spike in global search trends.

Infant and Baby Carriers

Infant and Baby Carriers: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Another product that’s trending on Google is the infant and baby carrier. This is currently a multi-billion dollar industry.

How come, you ask? Well, being able to transport a young one quickly and compactly without having to worry about a large and bulky stroller can be a life-saver for new parents.

Pet Bed

Pet Bed: a Good Product to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Are pet owners your target audience? If so, we’ve got some good news for you — the pet bed is going strong in the sales stakes.

In fact, “dog bed” has 368,000 monthly searches on Google at the time of writing this. Likewise, “cat bed” has 90,500 monthly searches.

Sofa and Couch Covers

Sofa and Couch Covers: a Good Products to Sell on Shopify in 2020

Last but not least, the sofa and seat industry is set to reach $46,706 million by the end of 2021. And Statista predicts that it will grow by 0.6% each year until 2023.

In other words, sofa and couch covers are inevitably going to be a trending product for a few years to come.

How to Decide What to Sell on Shopify

Once you’ve decided which product(s) you’d like to sell in your online store, the fun doesn’t end there.

You need to figure out how to find the right product to sell on Shopify. Ask yourself the following questions before you start adding products and building your store.

What’s the Market Size for This Product?

Once you have your ideal product in mind, you can define your target audience and its size.

A larger market size might mean an increased likelihood of making sales, but it could also mean more generic business. Whereas, a small market size means you can hone in on your niche and, as a result, maximize your earning potential.

You could try and open multiple Shopify stores selling different brands to see which ones perform the best. Though this option is more involved.

Is it a Stable Market?

When it comes to how to sell items on Shopify, you need to analyze the product market.

If it’s stable? Great. If it’s growing? Even better!

Either way, stick to evergreen products (you know, the ones you can sell all-year-round). Avoid fads because fads bring with them unsteady revenue.

What’s Your Competition Like?

It’s good to have competition — especially in the form of a few sellers that seem to be doing well.

However, too many competitors can create problems. You need to be able to find a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) for your business that can help you stand out from the crowd and ultimately sell your product.

Is the Product Easy to Find Locally?

If a product is hard to find locally but very popular globally, it might work well for your Shopify business.

Why? Well, more people will be searching for it online. As a result, they’ll stumble across your store, add your product to their shopping cart, and checkout.

Is the Product a Good Fit for Your Brand?

Finally, if you already know how to become a seller on Shopify because your store has been in business for months (or years), you need to ask yourself this question.

Does the product tie in with your existing products and brand values?

There’s no point offering chocolate cake if you’re a healthy food business. Your core customer base won’t buy it, and you’ll only end up confusing new customers who land on your website.

That’s why you should always assess your current money-makers before expanding your product portfolio. And if you’re wondering how to see best selling items on Shopify, visit your Shopify analytics that can be accessed via your dashboard.

How to Choose Products to Sell on Shopify: The Takeaway

It can be difficult working out how to find the best products to sell on Shopify, especially as a new store owner.

How to Choose Products to Sell On Shopify

All you need is three things:

  • In-demand products in your selling portfolio
  • The skills to market your products
  • Drive, perseverance, and the willingness to amend your strategy based on what’s working and what isn’t.

If you have these three things, you can successfully build a sustainable and profitable product-based business.

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