Simplest Way to Add a Back-in-Stock Notification Form to Your Shopify Store

Out-of-stock products cut into your potential profits. With a back-in-stock form, you'll be able to notify your customers when a product is ready for purchase.

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Updated July 6, 2023.

When customers search your store and discover a product they're interested in, only to find it's out of stock, it will cut into your profits and potentially drive customers to another store.

Enabling back-in-stock notifications will allow your customers to opt-in for notifications that alert them when a product they're interested in is available again. By notifying customers when items are back in stock, Shopify sales will increase, you'll improve customer relations, and you'll increase your contact list.

You can do this by manually adding a back-in-stock form or by making use of a third-party app.

Manually Adding a Back-in-Stock Notification Form to Your Shopify Store

To manually set up a back-in-stock notification form in Shopify, you'll need some knowledge of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Liquid, as well as how to access and edit your theme code.

Start by navigating from Shopify admin to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code. From there, you'll need to add and edit the array of code found here.

However, you can easily avoid this process by using a third-party app.

Best App for Automatically Providing Back-in-Stock Notifications

Out-of-Stock Police


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Manage Back-in-Stock Notifications With Ease

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Out-of-Stock-Police is an all-in-one out-of-stock management software that not only gives your customers the ability to sign up for back-in-stock notifications but will also allow you to:

  • Hide sold-out items.
  • Push out-of-stock items to the bottom of your product list.
  • Quickly view your inventory and monitor stock levels.
  • Receive low-stock, out-of-stock, and other essential stock-related notifications directly to your email.

To use the app, you'll have to simply install it from the Shopify app store, allow it to sync with your website, then head to the dashboard and configure it for your specific needs.

Out-of-Stock Police

4.8/5(155 reviews)

» Learn all there is to know about this helpful app in this comprehensive Out-of-Stock Police review

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