How to Bulk Edit Inventory in Shopify Within Seconds

Want to get your Shopify inventory updated fast? You can do this within seconds, literally. Here's a quick guide on how to bulk edit inventory in Shopify.

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Updated September 1, 2023.

Bulk editing inventory is a vital process for managing your Shopify store efficiently. It allows you to make simultaneous changes to multiple products, saving you valuable time. In this guide, we'll explore how to bulk edit products in Shopify and recommend the best third-party apps for the task.

Bulk Editing in Shopify

In the past, Shopify offered a built-in bulk editing feature for various aspects of your store, including posts, pages, and URL redirects. However, this feature has been discontinued.

The good news is that you can still streamline your workflow by using third-party apps to bulk edit your:

  • Products
  • Collections
  • Discounts
  • Pages
  • Blogs
  • Redirects
  • Orders
  • Customer information

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Best Shopify Apps to Bulk Edit Inventory

1. Best for Managing Multiple Stores

  • Bulk Inventory Sync Effortlessly synchronize inventory across multiple Shopify stores in real time.
  • Centralized Control Manage and adjust store inventory quantities from a single intuitive interface.
  • Prevent Overstocking and Stockouts Ensure balanced inventory levels across stores to avoid costly overstocking or frustrating stockouts.
  • Optimized Order Fulfillment Seamlessly fulfill orders from different stores while maintaining accurate stock availability.

Multi‑Store Sync Power

4.5/5(120 reviews)

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2. Best for Product and Collection Organization

  • Bulk Sorting Rules Create and apply advanced sorting rules across multiple stores to optimize the order of products within collections.
  • Customized Arrangements Tailor the presentation of products based on revenue, sales, inventory, and more in bulk across stores.
  • Efficient Product Highlighting Bulk-edit the positioning of regionally exclusive items or promotions, ensuring strategic visibility in collections.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement Bulk-edit product arrangements to better cater to different demographics and maximize customer satisfaction.

Bestsellers reSort

4.8/5(73 reviews)

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Mastering Bulk Inventory Editing for Seamless Shopify Management

Efficiently managing your inventory in Shopify is essential for successful e-commerce operations. With Multi-Store Sync Power and Bestsellers reSort, bulk editing inventory becomes a seamless process. These tools empower you to synchronize, customize, and strategically arrange your products with precision, all within seconds. Whether you have one or multiple stores, these apps are your key to effortless inventory management in Shopify.

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