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Published July 3, 2024.

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Customizing your product categorization can make or break your online store; if your customers can't find what they're looking for, then they'll search elsewhere. The right sorting options can help you highlight products, promote new items, and organize your inventory so your customers can easily navigate your store.

But different platforms offer you different sorting options to customize your brand experience and meet your customers' needs.

How to Sort Products in Shopify

Shopify is very versatile and allows you to make the store your own. It offers collections, product tags, and vendor sorting to help you organize your products better and simplify your customers' navigation.

Apart from its default alphabetical organization, Shopify allows you to sort products by:

  • Best-selling items
  • Product titles (alphabetical and reverse alphabetical)
  • Highest or lowest price
  • Newest or oldest products
  • Manual sorting (custom order)

Therefore, Shopify is merchant-focused and lets you implement product sorting methods best suited to your products, industry, and customer shopping behavior.

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How to Sort Products on Amazon

Unlike Shopify (an e-commerce platform), Amazon is an online marketplace that showcases a huge variety of products from different merchants competing against each other. For platform uniformity, product page design and functionality are standardized. You have no control over Amazon's product sorting options like "Best Sellers," "New Releases," and "Featured Items."

While you can organize and group your product pages, Amazon's product sorting is entirely customer-centric. Therefore, customers choose how they want to see products, including by price, rating, or relevance. Nevertheless, Amazon's algorithm greatly influences search results, so you can optimize your listings to increase visibility in the marketplace.

Enhance Your Product Sorting With Egnition

Displaying your products in a way that makes the most of your online store's space can help you increase conversions and revenue. To help you save time and effort in creating a well-organized product catalog, an app like Egnition's Bestsellers reSort goes a long way.

While product sorting can be time-consuming and difficult, Shopify's product organization options are far more user-friendly than Amazon's. With Shopify's straightforward interface, you can arrange your inventory according to pricing, stock status, or customer popularity.

  • Automatically organize and sort products in collections.
  • Customize each collection's sorting rules based on product types.
  • Add featured products to the top of collections manually or automatically.

Putting your most popular and profitable items or new releases front and center helps boost sales, and you can do so in Shopify even more easily with Bestsellers reSort's features that let you set strict sorting rules based on factors like sales, profit margin, and stock availability.

Bestsellers reSort

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