How to Combine Discounts in Shopify (More Incentive to Buy!)

Combining discounts in your Shopify store can help push sales and customer engagement. Learn how to combine discounts and offer your customers the best deals.

Rob Elgar - Writer for Egnition
By Rob Elgar
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Updated July 26, 2023.

Using discounts is a proven way to boost sales and enhance customer loyalty, but by leveraging Shopify's ability to combine discounts, you can create powerful promotions that allow customers to get the best deal possible according to their shopping cart. This will encourage them to return to your store time and time again.

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Discount Combinations in Shopify

When enabling discount combinations in Shopify, you can set which classes of discounts have permission to be combined. Discount classes include order discounts, product discounts, and shipping discounts. You can access your discounts on the Shopify admin board. Under Discounts, choose Create Discount > Combinations to set up new discounts, or check under Combines With to see which discount combinations are enabled.

However, not all classes can be combined (e.g., order discounts with product discounts), but the following discount combinations are available:

  • Order discounts + free shipping discounts
  • Product discounts + free shipping discounts
  • Product discounts + product discounts

Our Solution

A streamlined discount campaign can have a massively positive effect on your store, which is why apps such as Order to Discount by Egnition can be a key tool in your store's progress.

Order to Discount automates and streamlines your customer service process by allowing you to create email and discount templates, as well as generate order information to create the best possible discounts.

By automating customer service and discount and coupon distribution, you can create better customer loyalty, which, in turn, will bring in more sales—not to mention save you valuable time.

Order to Discount

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Final Verdict

Every business is unique, and each customer base has its own requirements. It's important to take charge of your business and create your own rules. Serve your customers in a way that addresses their needs directly, and you will see them coming back time and time again.

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