What is more important for dropshippers, product quality or shipping costs?

Asked 9 months ago

Hi guys, just starting out so bear with me. I'd like to know what you guys think about this topic especially for those of you with more experience in the business. I've got a few options as far as suppliers go, some are on the lower end of the product quality scale but offer lower shipping/transport costs while others are on the opposite end of the spectrum. Which do you think is more important for starting out?

Agustin Schneider

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hello! I understand that you are currently struggling to decide whether to prioritize product quality or shipping costs for your business. While a lower shipping fee sounds tempting, the quality of your products matters more in the beginning. High-quality products tend to result in more sales and repeat business. In the future, you can consider buying in bulk from your suppliers as demand for your products grows and negotiate lower shipping fees. I hope this advice is helpful.

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