Free shipping cost discount options on Shopify? What are the best options?

Asked 7 months ago

Should I absorb the entire shipping cost, or should I share it with the customer. For example something like "free shipping on orders over $50"?

Willie Wu

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Shopify offers various options to discount shipping costs. You can set up conditional free shipping based on order value, specific products, or customer location. Sharing shipping costs with customers, such as "free shipping on orders over $50," can also motivate higher spending. Combine these options creatively to incentivize larger orders while controlling costs.

The important thing is to strike a strategic balance between client satisfaction and profits. Try different approaches to discover the perfect formula that harmonizes appeal and profitability.

Pro Tip: Integrate Order to Discount by Egnition in your Shopify store and generate auto-calculated loyalty discounts from any order. Save time by providing the best customer support you can!

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