Does Adding Alt Text to Shopify Product Images Boost SEO?

There's more to SEO than keywords. Adding alt text to Shopify product images can improve your search engine ranking and make your store more accessible.

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Updated July 26, 2023.

Optimizing images for your Shopify store might seem like a time-consuming process, but it can be an excellent way to boost the performance of your store. Image alt text delivers valuable information to customers about your product or solution if the visual doesn't load. It can also assist visually impaired customers using screen readers, making your store more accessible.

Alt Text is Critical to Search Engine Optimization

Alt text also has a direct impact on your SEO standing. Search engine crawlers look for contextual keywords in the information you include in your alt image text. Using alt text, you can help Google understand the nature of a product or page, boost your ranking, and give customers a higher chance of finding your product or store.

The best alt-text is concise, unique, and brimming with relevant keywords connected to your product or solution. Generally, the alt text shouldn't be longer than 140 characters and doesn't need to start with the phrase "image of." Instead, use only clear, detailed information on what is included in the photo.

If you're struggling to add alt text to product images in your Shopify store effectively, tools like the Egnition All-In-One Image Master app can help. The convenient and user-friendly tool automatically generates SEO-ready alt text for your images. It also provides a range of bonus features, including image compression, optimization, and bulk editing, so you can make your visuals stand out.

All-In-One Image Master

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Optimize Your Alt Text

Alt text can be a valuable way to enhance your SEO strategy, and you don't have to do much to start using it. Start updating your store instantly with the All-In-One Image Master app and generate more traffic from your ideal customers.

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