How to Make All Product Images the Same Size in Shopify in 3 Steps

Want a unified look for your Shopify product images? Learn here how to make all product images the same size in Shopify!

Ali Shah - Writer for Egnition
By Ali Shah
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Egnition
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Updated July 7, 2023.

Although Shopify is generally an easy-to-use platform, we can't deny the fact that it can be a little complex for beginners to grab Shopify sales. Among other aspects, your store's sales will rely on its visual appearance, which is why you need to optimize your Shopify product images.

Apart from being relevant to the products you're selling, your Shopify images should all be the same size to provide a unified, professional look and enhance customer experience. However, automatic image rendering isn't directly provided by Shopify, making this a process you need to complete manually. Here are three steps to make all your product images the same size on Shopify:

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1. Open the Image Editor

The first step to resizing all your product images is opening the image editor on Shopify's platform. To navigate to the editor on your Shopify dashboard, simply go to the Products section, select the product that you want to resize images for, and choose the image in the Media section. Here's what you should be seeing:

Opening the image editor on Shopify

2. Crop Your Image

The second step in resizing your product images is cropping the image, which will change its aspect ratio. This entails cutting out the excess part of the image to enhance the user's point of view.

You can choose the aspect ratio to crop your image, whether it's a custom ratio known as freeform, the original aspect ratio, or the square aspect ratio that will crop the image into a rectangle shape.

Cropping an image on Shopify

3. Resize Your Image

The final step in the process comes down to resizing the image to change its actual dimensions. When resizing the image in Shopify's image editor, you'll be able to add a custom width once you choose Resize, and the height will be calculated automatically to maintain the image's aspect ratio.

Resizing an image in Shopify

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Having equally sized product images can significantly contribute to the appearance and feel of your Shopify store, giving it a more appealing look and improving user experience. A unified look of your store will enhance its visual design, boosting your sales in turn.

Although you can resize your product images in Shopify one by one, this process can be time-consuming and tedious. This is why you should resize your images before uploading them using a solution like Egnition's All-in-One Image Master, which allows you to resize all product images at once. A useful tool like this will save you tons of time and effort, letting you focus on other aspects of growing your business instead.

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