Shopify Store's Growth: Why Back-in-Stock Emails Are Important

By Ioannis Athanasiou
Nevena Radulović - Editor for Egnition
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Updated July 20, 2023.

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Keeping your customers updated about product availability is an integral part of your store's growth because it helps foster customer loyalty and increase sales.

Sending Shopify email alerts for when products are back in stock is a good strategy to cover this aspect of your store management. Below, we'll look into some specific reasons why back-in-stock emails are critical to the growth of your Shopify business, complete with some concrete examples you can try in your store too.

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5 Benefits of Shopify Back-in-Stock Email Notifications

Back-in-stock email notifications are essential to the expansion of your Shopify store because they help reduce the number of customers you can potentially lose due to product unavailability. When your customers receive back-in-stock emails, they're more likely to return to your store and make their purchases.

This will result in various benefits for your Shopify store, including the following:

1. Increasing Sales

Back-in-stock emails support sales growth in different ways. Apart from reminding your customers to come back and purchase the product once it's available again, these emails also foster a sense of urgency and scarcity that inspires your customers to act quickly. Back-in-stock alerts can also help you identify the products that are in high demand, so you can restock accordingly and increase sales.


Sending out back-in-stock emails to my customers proved fruitful for my own Shopify store. After notifying my customers about the availability of a well-liked product that was previously out of stock, I noticed an instant spike in sales as a result. This demonstrated strong demand for the product, and I was able to use this information to streamline my out-of-stock management and raise my store's overall efficiency.

2. Improving Customer Experience

By informing your customers about product availability, back-in-stock emails enhance the shopping experience at your store. Clients are more likely to feel valued and appreciated if they know you're making every effort to make a product available to them, so this practice can strengthen your relationship with clients and foster trust.


Through client feedback, I was able to confirm that back-in-stock emails improved the customer experience at my store. After receiving a back-in-stock email, one of my customers reached out to express their appreciation for the quick update, sharing how happy they were with the notification. This interaction not only led to a sale but also to a devoted consumer who will probably shop at my store again in the future.

3. Boosting Customer Retention

Shopify email alerts for when a product is back in stock also help foster customer loyalty, prolonging your Shopify store's customer retention rate. By notifying customers about product availability, you demonstrate that you continually value their business and are committed to meeting their needs. This helps reinforce the customers' decision to shop at your store.


By checking customer comments, I found out that one regular customer was delighted with their back-in-stock notification because it allowed them to shop again at my store as they had previously done. This experience not only resulted in a sale but also a loyal customer who will likely keep purchasing my store's products.

4. Attracting New Customers

Back-in-stock emails can help bring in new clients by enhancing your brand's reputation and dependability. Prospective clients are more likely to trust your store and consider making a purchase when they see you're actively refilling popular items, so this approach can enhance sales leads and customer acquisition. What's more, this will give a favorable first impression of your store just as much as an appealing visual design.


Reviewing sales data after sending out back-in-stock emails for a popular product helped me notice a surge of new customers purchasing that product. This meant not only that my store got new sales but also potential long-term customers.

5. Growing Your Email List

Finally, back-in-stock emails can help you expand your email database and gather additional client information to improve your store's future performance. When signing up for a back-in-stock notification, clients provide you with their email addresses, which you can leverage for upcoming marketing campaigns. This will also help you identify the products with high customer demand and use that information to better manage your inventory.


After sending back-in-stock emails, I was able to determine exactly which product was most well-liked and focus my efforts on managing it. In addition to a rise in revenue, this strategy brought me new email sign-ups from customers who were drawn to the product, growing my email list for future marketing campaigns.

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