Inventory quality control techniques for dropshippers?

Asked a year ago

Hi guys, been having trouble recently with returns due to poor quality of products. Online store is based in the US, supplier based in South Korea. I know they've recently had a change in management but I didn't expect it would have such a negative effect on quality. I can only afford to go about once or twice a year for physical inspections. Does anyone have any quality control techniques they can share that would help me out? Cheers!

Agustin Schneider

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Hey there,

I'm sorry you're experiencing quality issues with your South Korean supplier. It's never fun dealing with product returns due to poor quality. Luckily, there are several quality control techniques you can consider. One is to ask your supplier for detailed quality control reports, another is to use a third-party inspection company, or you can utilize online tools like Inspectlet and UserTesting for product inspection feedback. Additionally, try staying in regular contact with your supplier during the production process via KakaoTalk or Skype so that they know your expectations.

Good luck!

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