How do I run inventory reports on Shopify?

Asked 2 years ago

Where do I go to generate reports for a multi-channel inventory on Shopify?

Hugh Russell

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Multichannel inventory reports can be generated within the Shopify reporting app.

To generate reports on Shopify navigate to 'Analytics' >> 'Reports'

Options from this menu include :

Month-end Inventory Snapshot - This will show stock of various products at month end.

Average Inventory sold per day - A report presenting the average numbers of each item sold per day, categorised by product variant.

Percent of Inventory sold - A value based on the number of variants sold from the start point of the selected period as a percentage of the starting variant stock level.

ABC Analysis - A report categorising your top selling products that make up 80, 15 and 5 percent of your total sales.

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