How do you tell a customer item out of stock?

Asked 2 years ago

Hi, what is the best way to tell a buyer that a product is out of stock while still retaining them?

Reid Stokes

Sunday, March 27, 2022

It may become very disappointing for your customer when they reach a product page after thorough research to read that the item is out of stock. You can't completely fade away this situation for your customers, but with little help, you can definitely make it less frustrating!

Use these 4 tips to tell a customer about an item out of stock:

  1. Make sure to display a proper message for out-of-stock notifications. Something like 'We are currently out of stock, but the item will be available after three days.
  2. Recommend similar items to your customers. It is a great time to cross-sell your products.
  3. Give your customers the option to subscribe to your restock alert service and get notified when the item is restocked.
  4. Allow your customers to pre-order and get the item when restocked.

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