Can I sell on Shopify without inventory?

Asked 2 years ago

I don't have any backup inventory for my Shopify store. I basically calculate how much I predict to sell and only order that much. Can I still continue with this method? Or am I taking a big risk by not having inventory?

Shelby Kerr

Monday, June 27, 2022

Inventory forecasting is a great tool that comes in handy for managing your stocks. However, not having an inventory back up and running your business solely on assumptions is similar to welcoming a big risk. In case you run out of inventory and customers keep ordering, you may lose out on your sales and earn some unhappy customers. But if you play smart and deploy a really smart inventory forecasting system with the inventory management system that is second-to-none, you can keep doing the deal!

Integrate Shopify's inventory management system that provides various benefits like avoiding overstocking, overselling, or running out of stock. It also aids in the management of sales across several channels and helps to predict sales, giving you a clear understanding of inventory requirements at different times of the year. Solidify your game even more by combing an inventory management tool like Out-of-stock Police by Egnition to get notifications when your stock is running low so you can restock immediately.

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