Can I sort products using price based on product availability in a Shopify collection?

Asked 2 years ago

I design phone cases and sell them to my customers on Shopify. I have noticed that the Apple phone cases sell out faster across all models than the Android phone cases. I have decided to change the way the phone cases are organized on my store: I want the phone cases with the most stock to be at the top of the collection, and I want those to be sorted with the cheapest at the top. Is this possible?

Augustine Howell

Sunday, July 31, 2022

No, Shopify only gives you limited sorting options that don't allow you to sort your products in a collection using the product price based on product availability. You will need to integrate a third-party app like Sortimize Collection Sort for this specific requirement. This Shopify app enables you to customize the product sorting order. You can also try using Collection Sort by Pulsar Lens to access 50+ pre-made sorting orders, so you don't even need to invest time in creating the product sorting orders yourself.

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