Do automated next-order discount codes for items motivate clients?

Asked a year ago

Hi there, I run a small Shopify store, and I am thinking of launching my first Next Order email campaign next season. I don’t know if this will help motivate my customers to return for more purchases. I’m looking for ways to increase my revenue and drive more repeat sales. I’m not sure if next-order coupons would do the trick. Any advice for a fellow Shopify seller?

Fidel Kramer

Monday, September 26, 2022

While setting up a next order discount code or coupon is one avenue you could go down, here are a few other ideas you could try:

  • Up-selling or Cross-selling (when you recommend a product that complements an item already in their shopping cart)
  • Loyalty programs with incentivized rewards
  • A referral program with an attractive bonus
  • Free items or shipping with purchase
  • Personalize the customer experience with a post purchase notification or any other reminder

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