Should I send emails with next-order coupons to thank my clients?

Asked a year ago

I have been looking for ways to incentivize customer purchases from my collection as a way to motivate future purchases. I need to get on the email marketing bandwagon. I've noticed a lot of e-commerce businesses do this. I don’t know if it would be a good move to send out automated thank you emails as a form of gratitude and also attach a coupon code for future discounts at the same time.

Agustin Schneider

Sunday, September 18, 2022

It would be a very prudent move to send out automated emails offering discounts to your customers because it will encourage them to come back to your store again to redeem the coupon.

Returning customers are known to buy more, so by sending out discounts you will not only be retaining a previous customer, but you could also end up doubling your sales.

Additionally, you will could also increase your customer loyalty and reduce cart abandonment issues by incorporating discounts into your e-commerce business.

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