How can I use AI to help with data sampling?

Asked 9 months ago

For context I have a store on Shopify and am looking to make some changes. I've already got a few data sets generated already with more on the way, and I'm looking to use AI for helping with data analysis. Has anyone tried this already?

Heath Brooks

Monday, May 15, 2023

AI can be used to produce information about a variety of metrics through the data you have captured. Some ways in which I use AI on my Shopify store include:

  • Customer segmentation, which allows you to group your customers according to their demographics, purchase frequency, and preferences
  • Forecasting of future sales, expenses, and traffic
  • Market trend analysis can help you determine which products to sell and for how much
  • Fraud detection

As a side note, if you are not familiar with AI, it is best to consult someone that is, as when incorrectly programmed, the AI could produce incorrect results, thus diminishing any work you have put in.

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