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Updated July 19, 2023.

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For Shopify store owners, running promotional discount codes is a smart strategy to boost product awareness and sales because it can reward your loyal customers and draw in new ones.

In fact, research on consumer behavior shows that over 60% of consumers would purchase an item online at a discounted price. This is why you should consider implementing Shopify promo codes in your store to bring in new customers on the hunt for a good deal.

Shopify Discount Code Examples

Every Shopify plan allows you to create discount codes, making it easy to offer attractive deals to your customers. For example, you can set an end date for the discount's validity, choose how many times the discount can be used, set a minimum number of orders before the discount is valid, and even combine discounts to incentivize your customers.

Consider these Shopify discount code examples to get started:

Percentage or Fixed-Amount Discount

By reducing prices either with percentages or specific monetary amounts, you can have more control over the discount amount compared to other discount code types. This is because these discounts aren't necessarily linked to minimum order values or quantities.

Both types of discounts can increase sales by encouraging your customers to make a purchase or even buy more than they planned.


I recently used a Shopify discount code before checkout to get 15% off my purchase, which motivated me to buy more items than I originally intended.

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Free Shipping

Free shipping discount codes waive the shipping fees your customers would normally have to pay when placing an order. These codes are typically entered at checkout.

Compared to other discount code types, free shipping codes are often easier to execute since they don't require complex calculations or adjustments to product prices. Additionally, free shipping can be more attractive to customers since it directly saves them money and provides a clear benefit.


I got a free shipping discount on a skincare products website! This was great because it let me purchase additional items since I knew I wouldn't have to pay extra for shipping.

Buy X, Get Y

Buy X, Get Y discount codes offer your customers a free or discounted item when they purchase a specified amount of products—for example, "Buy 2 shirts, get 1 free." These codes can incentivize your customers to purchase more items and help you move inventory.

So, you can clear out obsolete inventory by gifting customers items that may not be selling as well. Additionally, you can increase customer loyalty by providing a reward for making a larger purchase.


A Buy X, Get Y discount helped me get a free bottle of vitamins after buying two other supplement products. This promotion pushed me to buy more vitamins than I planned to at first, and I ended up with a bonus bottle I was able to try out for free.

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3 Tips for Effective Discount Codes

To maximize the impact of your discount codes and drive more conversions, you can try the following strategies:

1. Customize the Discount Code Name

Customizing the discount code name helps create a stronger connection between the code and your brand while also making it easier for customers to associate it with a specific promotion. By choosing a name that reflects the purpose of the code, you can communicate the value proposition more clearly to potential customers.


After deciding to run a promotion for 20% off on all the products in my store, I used a customized code like "20OFFTOYS" to communicate the discount amount while also reflecting my brand's messaging.

2. Add a Discount Timer

Discount timers can create a sense of urgency and encourage your customers to act quickly and take advantage of the deal before it expires. This creates a sense of excitement and can drive sales by motivating customers to make a purchase immediately.


While offering a discount of 15% off on all the hoodies in my store for the next 24 hours only, I used a countdown timer on my website to clearly communicate the expiration time to my customers and spark action.

3. Share Discount Codes via Push Notifications and SMS

Push notifications and text messages are highly effective in promoting discount codes, as they can help your business reach customers directly and instantly. By sending targeted messages to your customers, you can increase the visibility of your discounts and drive more sales.


I've benefited from receiving push notifications and SMS sharing from my favorite clothing brand, which alerted me to their latest sales and discounts. This made me more likely to make a purchase, as I was reminded of the brand and the discounts available.

» Automated emails can also help you notify customers about out-of-stock items

Make the Most of Your Discounts With Egnition

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Shopify discount codes can help you continue to attract new clients and boost revenue. You can increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty by targeting promotions and tailoring discount code names.

To help you make the most of your discount codes, apps like Egnition's Order to Discount make it easy to manage your customer loyalty programs and maintain client satisfaction using the auto-calculation feature.

Order to Discount

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