Multi-Store Inventory Apps: Why You Need One for Your E-Commerce Store

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Published April 29, 2022.

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Running an online store involves a lot of inventory management. Unless you want to spend hours each day tracking stock levels, order statuses, and shipping data, you need a good multi-store inventory app.

It helps to define multi-store inventory. Essentially, it is a system that businesses use to keep track of and account for all orders from multiple sales sources on inventory that is maintained at several locations, such as marketplaces, e-commerce, retail, and wholesale. Multi-store inventory apps sync with shopping carts and backend systems. They can also help you find hot items in other stores and keep track of your inventory so you never run out.

Why Do You Need a Multi-store Inventory App?

Retail inventory management improves efficiency from a strategic standpoint. Inventory management is critical for businesses because it allows you to better understand your customers and enhance revenues. Knowing and investing in a multi-store inventory app is a big advantage for a merchant looking to reach as many customers as possible. It allows the user to have access to a large number of individuals at the same time, regardless of geography.

Benefits of Multi-Store Inventory Apps

Selling on the International Market

If you wish to expand your business globally, you'll need to tailor your stores to local tastes. This means you should modify your website's layout, design, and even languages depending on where you sell. Having multiple Shopify stores allows you to easily tailor your website to each target demographic.

Targeted Perks

With access to various audiences, you can curate specific offers and incentives based on the audience and what they are interested in. You can choose to spotlight regionally exclusive items that you know will appeal to a specific market.

Customer Segments Can Be Targeted

Regardless of whether you offer different types of products, it's a smart idea to develop individual Shopify sites for each consumer category, regardless of your business plan. You will be able to better cater to the demands of each consumer as a result of this.

Test and Create New Opportunities

It's easier to target new clients without compromising your brand by opening a different Shopify store as an outlet. Targeted incentives and the chance to experiment will be feasible without disturbing your current audience. The danger of doing so on your main site is that reduced items may not appeal to all consumers, lowering the value of your brand.

Best Multi-Store Inventory Apps

Multi-Store Sync Power

With Sync Power, you can focus on sales while your inventory is synced, updated, and current across all of your stores. Once uploaded, products are automatically generated and updated in all storefronts. All fields and images are synchronized. You can also see if any SKUs/barcodes are missing from the synchronization process.

Out-of-Stock Police

All sold-out goods will be instantly hidden or pushed down by Out-of-Stock Police in real time. Merchants can increase targeted traffic and aid sales while reducing the number of sold out goods. This app helps you to intelligently and automatically hide out-of-stock goods.

Bestsellers reSort

Bestsellers reSort is the simplest way to increase revenue and sales by changing the order of things to meet your needs. To assist with generating greater ROI and sales through your business, this app lets you show potential customers exploring your site the most profitable or significant goods first. For shops of all sizes, Bestsellers reSort sorts millions of items automatically and in several locations.

Simple Sample Data

No more clumsy import–export files! Simple Sample Data allows merchants to easily add relevant sample data to their Shopify stores. This tool can also search for test data CSV files. With one click, your business will be stocked with test goods, collections, orders, and customers.

Other Inventory Management Techniques

  • ABC Analysis This method identifies the most popular and least popular stocks.
  • Safety Stock An inventory management philosophy that prioritizes safety stock ensures that there is always spare stock reserved in case the business is unable to restock those items.
  • Minimum Order Quantity To cut cost, a company that relies on minimum order quantity will order small amounts of merchandise from wholesalers in each purchase.
  • Consignment When using consignment inventory management, a company withholds paying its supplier until a particular product is sold. Until the inventory is sold, that provider retains ownership of the inventory as well.

If you are an e-commerce store owner, then you know the importance of managing your inventory. A multi-store inventory app can help you do just that. If you are ready to take your e-commerce business to the next level, then visit Egnition to see the variety of apps we offer.

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