How to Build a Fashion Store on Shopify: What Do the Best Stores Have in Common?

Elijah Adebayo - Writer for Egnition
By Elijah Adebayo
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Published June 25, 2024.

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Online fashion stores are booming. The global fashion e-commerce sector is expected to reach $871.2 billion in 2023 and a further $1, 501.3 billion by 2027. So how do you make your Shopify store stand out and reflect your brand? Below, we explore the common elements all the best online fashion stores have. So, whether you're just setting up your fashion store or want to spruce up your existing store, you can easily implement any of these features.

6 Elements Your Online Fashion Store Should Have

  • Visually appealing and responsive theme
  • Compelling brand identity
  • High-quality product collections
  • User-friendly navigation and search functionality
  • Optimized checkout processes and payment options
  • Focused SEO and marketing strategies

1. Visually Appealing and Responsive Theme

Choose a visually stunning and mobile-friendly theme for your fashion store—remember that more than 70% of your customers shop on their phones. Shopify's theme store offers professionally designed themes that look great on any device. Don't worry about compatibility; these themes seamlessly integrate with the platform, so you can make your store shine!

Some popular fashion themes available on Shopify include:

  • Vogue: Boasting a wide-screen slideshow, totally adjustable content sections, and a design that looks smashing on any device—this theme is specifically made for fashion stores.
  • District: This theme features customizable content sections, a responsive design, and support for multiple languages.
  • Prestige: This theme features an expansive full-screen slideshow, plenty of customizable content sections, and multilingual support.

Pro tip:

Make sure your chosen theme gives you enough customization options so you can tailor your store to clearly reflect your brand identity and look.

Screenshot of Shopify theme store is displayed on the website

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2. Compelling Brand Identity

Crafting an iconic brand identity is essential for any fashion store. Start by defining your target audience to build a brand that resonates with them. In your store, make sure you incorporate:

  • Distinctive yet memorable logos
  • Consistent color schemes and typography
  • Language and tone that solidifies your brand voice
  • Social proof and collaboration with influencers

Make sure everything comes together harmoniously to create an unforgettable brand that connects with customers instantly.

Pro tip:

Consistency is key across your website, communication channels, product packaging, and marketing materials to create a unified vibe.

screenshot of a fashion store showing its brand identity with a woman in a black top is doing yoga.

3. High-Quality Product Collections

Devise a top-notch, well-curated product collection to make your fashion store stand out. Focus on a specific fashion niche or target market to provide what your customers want and need. Partner with reliable suppliers or consider crafting custom products for that unique edge.

Pro tip:

A high-quality product collection isn't just about the products on offer—it's also about how you display them. Excellent photography and captivating descriptions are crucial to showcase your products effectively.

Product images should be:

  • Well-lit and crisp
  • Uniform styles
  • Same size throughout your store
  • Include ALT text
a screen shot of a website page showing products

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Enhance Your Product Images With All-In-One Image Master

Using Egnition's All-In-One Image Master is a great way to give your product photos a more polished, professional look.

  • Automated image editing: Remove backgrounds, resize and crop images while maintaining aspect ratios, and center product images effortlessly.
  • Image compression and optimization: Choose image quality and format to reduce file size while maintaining the best possible image quality, improving product page loading speed, user experience, and SEO.
  • Consistent style for all products: Set flexible settings once and let them be suggested every time, ensuring a cohesive look and feel for all your product images.
  • Automatic ALT text generation: Create a template for ALT text using the product name, vendor, and additional text. ALT text is generated automatically for every image, improving accessibility and SEO.

By leveraging the All-In-One Image Master app, you can streamline the editing and optimization of your product images, saving time and effort while showcasing your high-quality products effectively.

All-In-One Image Master

4. User-Friendly Navigation and Search Functionality

Intuitive navigation and search functionality are essential for a seamless shopping experience. Organize your products into categories and implement filters to help customers find what they're looking for quickly. A prominent search bar and accurate search results enhance navigation.

Pro tip:

Explore Shopify's apps and plugins to improve your store's navigation and search functionality.

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5. Optimized Checkout Processes and Payment Options

Streamline your checkout process to reduce cart abandonment rates and increase customer satisfaction. By simplifying the checkout steps and minimizing required fields, your customers can complete their purchases faster.

Plus, if you offer multiple payment options, such as credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, you can accommodate your customers' preferences. You don't want to lose 7% of your customers who are right on the verge of converting because they don't have enough choices.

Pro tip:

Shopify provides secure payment gateways and built-in payment options for a streamlined checkout process.

Optimized Checkout Processes and Payment Options

6. Focused SEO and Marketing Strategies

Optimizing your fashion store for search engines has a technical and creative side. From a technical perspective, your important keywords should be included in your:

  • Product descriptions
  • Meta tags
  • URLs

This can help your store climb higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more traffic to your site.

From a creative side, you can:

  • Create attractive and engaging content like lookbooks or blog posts
  • Use social media and email marketing to reach and inform customers
  • Partner with influencers to boost your credibility and visibility
a website page with product description that is SEO focused

Building a Thriving Shopify Fashion Store

Now it's your turn to implement these elements in your own fashion store on Shopify. By following these best practices, you can create a store that attracts, engages, and converts your target audience. You can also use Shopify's tools and features to optimize your store's performance and growth. Remember, fashion is about expressing yourself, so show the world your style!

All-In-One Image Master

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